• Making IT your winning asset

Project and programme management

Scienta deliver consultancy services within all aspects of programme and project management. Our services range from coaching and advising to delivery of project reviews.


Evidence based advice

Scienta offers fact-based consulting services to help our clients succeed with their IT investments. We are on top of the latest research and industrial practice within software delivery, and use systematic methods for collecting and analysing available empirical data. Our service areas include enterprise architecture, cost and benefit estimation, quality assurance, and process improvements.

Rescue team

Scienta will put your software project back on track. We identify the required actions and put together effective project teams with a skill set matched to turn around your failing software project.


Highly skilled developers

Scienta works with the development of some of Norway’s most complex and critical software systems on a daily basis. We excel at software delivery, offering experienced and effective architects and developers with an unlimited appetite to learn and improve.



  • “There is a factor ten increase in error correction costs”

  • “Software developer productivity differs with a factor of ten” 

Preferred learning style should decide how we learn

Magne Jørgensen

Many people believe that if your preferred learning style is visual, you should try to visualize information or

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Software developer productivity differs with a factor of 10

Magne Jørgensen

There are several claims about the difference in productivity between the best and the worst developer. The perhaps

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Brook’s law about adding manpower

Magne Jørgensen

Brook’s law says that: “Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later”. Brooks himself describe his

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There is a factor ten increase in error correction costs

Magne Jørgensen

Some people claim that there is an increase of a factor of about ten to correct error effort

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